Myface is the daily experience, the references that make our days more pleasant and worthy. The warmth of the sun in the morning, the music that kickstarts the day, the outfit we choose to wear - experiences that provide our team the necessary inspiration to make Myface a brand that transcends furniture and becomes not only an integral part of life, but a fundamental one. Rooted in the latest design, music and fashion trends, our creative process leads the brand to meet individual taste and personality, mirroring in its creations the values that characterize our followers and clients, thus strengthening this relationship which we hold sacred.


Design exciting life - increase the day's end escape and morning stimulus, necessary to enjoy each day fully. Myface wants to maximize life's moments that provide physical and emotional comfort, ultimately adding up to what we all seek: happiness.

Charles Eames

Although recognized as such since only three centuries ago, design is the oldest craft practiced by humans. Since the beginning of our time, Man has stood apart from other species by adapting the environment to its needs instead of its needs to the environment. Building on this assumption, everyone is a designer through the changes made in daily living, and it's in these changes that the brand finds its inspiration, in these little getaways, physical or imaginary, that society uses to defend itself from the turmoil and stress which it permanently faces. Design by Myface is the fusion of these intimate spaces and the comfort only found inside our homes. Design is our starting point and our final product.

Steve Jobs

Design, music, fashion - the concepts most prevalent in daily life and the ones that every year change the most in society's viewpoint. The constant market fluctuation and changing of trends forces any brand to reinvent itself strategically. Based on this, Myface has a commitment to continually seek new contexts, new experiences and new emotions to provide unique and unknown moments until then.

Paul Cezanne

Life is marked by unique moments, spontaneous reactions that change our mood - joy, sadness, hate, love - and influence our perspective on everything that surrounds us. Humanity, in its individuality, lives constantly searching for the positive moments. Our mission is to provide them through the effort and passion of a team of emotional experience seekers. Emotion is our lifestyle.

Karl Lagerfeld

Regarding communication, the biggest difference between a brand and a human being consists of a somewhat poetic comparison - Man exists, therefore communicates. A brand communicates, therefore exists. Thus it makes sense to claim that the way in which an individual communicates is defined by its personality, and what defines the personality of a brand is the way it communicates. Our vocabulary is product design, our most valued activity, used in opposition to conflicts of the common sense - inside outside, music in design, fashion on objects. Our goal is to continually challenge the day by day and oppose the gravity that levels society.