Trace Collection For Remarkable Outdoor Moments

That Myface is up to the latest trends is no news to anyone.
Trace Collection For Remarkable Outdoor Moments

So, Myface has launched a brand-new collection that focuses on living the best outdoor moments with the most comfortable and sophisticated lines. The Trace Collection arrives with the belief to change outdoor spaces.


Trace collection

Designed to be in every project (literally, every project), the Trace collection includes everything you need to live happy outdoor moments like chairs, dining tables, center tables, and so much more. Featured simple and contemporary traces aim to make it discreet, comfortable, and above all functional for interior and exterior projects.

One of the distinctive factors of this collection is customization. This is Myface's first collection that is fully customizable in terms of materials and finishes, giving the pieces the characteristics you want.

Let's know some of the pieces that compose the Trace collection.


Trace dining chair and Trace dining armchair

Dining needs to be enjoyable but also functional, and functional is the word that best defines the Trace dining chair and armchair. With its upholstered seat and back support, it will ensure you get the most out of the experience either indoors or outdoors. It is possible to customize the materials and finishes of the Trace dining chair and Trace dining armchair.

TRACE_DINING3_Cam2Trace dining chair

ARMCHAIR_4_cam01Trace dining armchair


Trace center table small and big

A well-structured space needs a central piece that can add life and be functional at the same time. The center table small and big from Trace Collection can be functional and add life and sophistication due to the thin legs and marble top.

TRACE_60CM_4_cam01Trace center table small

TRACE_85CM_baixa_Nero_WhiteTrace center table big


Trace dining table

The dining table from Trace Collection represents every motto of the collection: discreet, fine and modern lines, and simplicity. All of these make this dining table suitable for indoors and outdoors where the only condition is only to exist. Customizable in materials and finishes.

TRACE_80CM_5_cam01Trace dining table


The Trace collection will revolutionize the way we live outdoor moments. To know more about the properties of this brand new collection, we are glad to talk with you.