Yacht Furniture for Comfort on Board

Yachts and comfort are synonyms and it's easy to understand why.
Yacht Furniture for Comfort on Board

Yachts are a second home (in the sea) and everyone must feel as comfortable and good as in their first home. For this to happen it's needed the right yacht furniture, made with the best outdoor materials, and with touches of sophistication and luxury to match the yachting experience and energy.

To make your dreams come true, Myface will present you with a selection of yacht furniture that haves everything you need.


Yacht dining

Most of yacht life happens outdoors so, this space must comprise everything, including a dining area. Having alfresco meals on a yacht is a unique and relaxing experience and the decor must be in harmony with this.

Chairs must have comfortable upholstery and good back support to be fully relaxed during the meal. The table makes sure you choose one with high-quality outdoor materials suitable for surviving the high sea climate conditions.

Our suggestions: Saccu dining chair and Nero dining table.

yacht-outdoor-diningSaccu dining chair and Nero dining table

Yacht lounge

A good yacht decor must have both entertaining and relaxing spaces. So, after (or before) dinner all we want to do is to find a good and comfortable spot to admire the sunset on the horizon.

Every yacht space is good for this, but a luxury lounge area that will make you feel like in clouds is much better. Once again, the materials of this lounge area must have high quality to last in the yacht environment.

Our suggestions: Pearl sofa and Trace bench two seats.

yacht-outdoor-loungePearl sofa and Trace bench two seats

Yacht sunbathing

Having sunbathing moments is mandatory on a yacht. Where else you can get all the sun with a little sea breeze, and with the most relaxing silence? A yacht deck must be prepared to receive the sun and to enjoy every minute of it with the most comfort possible.

The yacht furniture on the deck mostly needs to be waterproof to resist the salty water. So, having a sunbed is mandatory for every sunbathing area and it can be accompanied by a daybed for extra space and comfort.

Our suggestions: Noa sunbed and Polar daybed.

yacht-sunbathing-areaNoa sunbed and Polar daybed


Yachts are vehicles of privacy and comfort, so all the decoration deserves a special touch and attention. All Myface's pieces are customizable so that each moment on the yacht is unique but also unforgettable.