The Most Versatile Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

One of the decor trends for this year is the use of versatile outdoor furniture.
The Most Versatile Outdoor Furniture For Your Home

Versatile outdoor furniture allows you to have multiple spaces and ambiances with the same pieces. Myface pieces are designed to meet all the outdoor requirements and meet the functionality aimed.

In this article, we are going to show you the best versatile outdoor furniture options for your home.


Houdini side table

Side tables are, in general, great additions to the decor since they can act as decorative pieces and as functional ones. They serve as support for the outdoor entertainment, either the space.

Houdini side table was designed to bring all the luxury and sophistication into the space, with all functionality. Such versatile outdoor furniture piece can be integrated into a poolside area, right next to a sunbed. On the other hand, Houdini with its gold-plated details, also belongs to the lounge area, giving that uniqueness that every space aims for.

outdoor-furniture-side-tableHoudini side table 

Fable swing

Every space needs a prominent piece. A piece that stands out and steals everybody's attention. That prominent piece that can go with everything and everywhere. Good news: we have it.

We all need a Fable swing in our space. Besides being one of a kind piece, it will guarantee both entertainment and coziness according to the space where it is. A Fable swing will make every outdoor moment eternal either if it is in a lounge area or in an outdoor bar zone.

fable-outdoor-swingFable swing

Gubuk daybed

We advocate for the many uses of outdoor space from the entertaining ones to the most relaxing ones. In fact, a space needs to serve, at least, these two functions in order to answer your necessities. Adding to that it is needed versatile outdoor furniture to make the most of the space.

For a relaxing afternoon by the pool, you can go with Gubuk daybed. On the same day, if you want to read a book in the most comfort possible in your reading nook, you also have Gubuk. This daybed was designed to give the idea of shelter, for nothing disturb your so deserved "me-time".

versatile-outdoor-daybedGubuk daybed 

Lonian stool

The decor of an outdoor space has much to do with the ambiance you want to create. The outdoor stools of Myface- the Lonian- have the power of decor and create a space full of sophistication. They are inspired by the amazing forms and lines of Greek architecture, and its marble and metallic details leave everyone speechless.

Lonian stool is all that decorative piece, but not only. This piece can be used as an extra seat for outdoor gatherings, which will not occupy much space but will make a standout.

outdoor-stool-designLonian stool


Every Myface piece can be customized to fit your space and dreams. If you want to know more about all the options you have, talk with our team.