Outdoor Furniture for Summer Resorts

Summer resorts are true worlds inside and outside a hotel property.
Outdoor Furniture for Summer Resorts

Is the favorite way to have a relaxed time, surrounded by the best decor, with all the luxury and sophistication that every vacation calls for. Summer resorts are famous among hospitality options because it's a different and unique world where it is possible to do everything.

Fully relaxed vacations in a summer resort also call for good outdoor decor. Here, you will be able to contemplate the unique views, while catching up on the warm sun rays. Although, for that to happen, it is needed the right furniture. In this article, Myface will show you some of the best options for outdoor furniture for summer resorts. These suggestions will make and transform every second of your outdoor moments.


Trace dining chair for an alfresco dining

The most recent Myface collection- Trace- is the collection that will make every alfresco dining unforgettable. Although, outdoor dining furniture for summer resorts needs to be more than just aesthetically beautiful. These kinds of pieces need to be functional, to match everyone's needs. Besides, the outdoor materials present in them must match high-quality standards to adapt easily to the outdoor environment.

Comfort is a very important aspect when talking about alfresco dining. Trace dining chairs (with or without arms) have an upholstered seat and back support that will ensure the most of the experience.

Trace collection is totally customizable either in materials and finishes.

outdoor-dining-setTrace dining set

Pearl sofa for endless relaxing moments

Most of the furniture for summer resorts needs to allow relaxing moments for all of its users. This is one of the ways to fully enjoy summer resorts.

Having these relaxing moments outdoors is always nice because, in this way, you can enjoy the views and the weather with all the comfort and luxury possible.

Speaking in comfort and luxury, the Pearl sofa joins this and much more in a unique and distinctive sofa design. Its upholstered seat is what you need for taking these outdoor moments to a higher level.

furniture-summer-resorts-outdoorsPearl Sofa

Nero bar chair for fresh bar gatherings

Summer resorts must include an outdoor bar to drink a fresh cocktail while relaxing. The outdoor bar furniture for summer resorts needs to be contemporary and stylish to match the bar vibes.

Nero bar chair is one of those pieces that will transform any outdoor bar into the freshest design. The chair found its appeal in apparent contradictions - a built, well-shaped torso and skinny, elegant legs. It was made with a high level of design and is meant to add a touch of luxury, simplicity, and innovation to any bar project.

outdoor-bar-chair-designNero bar chair


Myface offers endless opportunities to decorate any space, everywhere. You can customize your favorite design to the space's needs and ambiance. Do you like to know more? Talk to us!