Is Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Winter?

The time of long and sunny days is almost over, giving place to fresher and cozier ones.
Is Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Winter?

The arrival of fresher seasons, like Autumn and Winter, makes us re-think the outdoor space and how we can protect it from the weather conditions. The truth is if your outdoor furniture is made with high-quality outdoor materials it should resist most conditions. However, this might not be enough and you can and should also consider opting for preventative measures for your outdoor furniture to ensure they are brand new next season.

In this article, Myface will show you how to protect your outdoor furniture for the winter season with cleaning and care tips.


First step: clean

The very first step to getting your outdoor furniture ready for winter is cleaning. Most outdoor furniture pieces have easy cleaning instructions and these are enough to prevent any problems. Despite this, each kind of material has its own cleaning specifications and you should respect them to make sure the good resistance of the material as well as maintain its brand new appearance.

Let's know how to clean stainless steel, fabrics, and lacquers. You can find all the clean and care tips, for every kind of outdoor material here.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most requisite material because it contains other metals like nickel and chromium that prevent it from easy corrosion. The cleaning must be done carefully to avoid scratching the metal and developing rust that is going to inhibit its functionality.

  • Lightly, spray the metal outdoor furniture frames with a garden hose to wash away the most significant pieces of dirt and debris;
  • Cleaning should be done with a soft cloth and using only warm water and neutral soap;
  • Rinse the cloth off and repeat wiping with clean water;
  • Don’t use, under any circumstance, corrosive products as they may cause modifications to the color and paint.

stainless-steel-furnitureNodo hanging armchair


Lacquer guarantees more beautiful and durable furniture. That finish protects from the sunlight (UV stable) and the little scratches (invisible to the naked eye). Lacquer provides the essence of the material. It also gives a shiny and luxurious look to the furniture.

  • Wipe off, immediately, if any liquids spill. They can be absorbed into the tiny crack in the varnish and can create blotches;
  • Use a soft cloth and warm water with a few drops of the all-purpose cleaning agent. Avoid using too much water, and it is recommended to use a damp cloth;
  • Don't use any kind of strong detergents, corrosive chemicals, or scrubbing sponges as these can damage the piece permanently;
  • Remember always to finish off by wiping the surface with a dry cloth.



In any type of cleaning (dry or handwashing), it is really important to protect the cover velcro of the fabric with protective velcroproof tape. This action will avoid any damage during washing.

  • Use a soft cloth to remove dust. Avoid vacuum cleaners or rug-beaters which can damage the padding and the upholstery;
  • Wash by hand. Don’t use wash in the washing machine;
  • Wash the covers inside out. It helps to protect the colors it;
  • Use neutral soap. Don’t use, in any circumstances, optical bleaches;
  • Avoid wring out. Dry the covers by leaving them to flap to drip.

outdoor-fabricsOutdoor fabrics


Second step: cover

One of the best solutions to protect the furniture during winter weather is to cover it. This is an important preventive measure, either if you are leaving the pieces outdoors or storing them.

The protection covers need to be resistant enough in order to protect the piece against heavy rain, wind, or other conditions. Myface pays close attention to this subject and that's why all the brand's products come with a protective cover that will see your pieces from everything.

To ensure the great protection of the piece, you should put an elevation underneath the piece, even if it is covered so that, in case of rain, for example, no water is retained, which can permanently damage the piece.

Ambiente-Fable--Capa-ProteçãoFable swing with protection cover


Third step: storage

In case you have an outdoor shed to store the outdoor furniture, you should go with that. In this way, all of your outdoor furniture will be entirely protected from weather conditions. However, even in storage, you should elevate the pieces so that no damage occurs in case of flooding from rainfall.

Another solution is to relocate your outdoor furniture indoors! This will certainly give a fresher look to your indoor space at the same time that you protect the furniture!



Making the furniture ready for winter is not a complicated task, especially if you have high-quality outdoor furniture pieces. If they are well maintained, your investment can endure for years!

Do you have any other questions on how to make your furniture ready for winter? Talk to us!