Fall 2022: Outdoor Seating Selection

An outdoor seating zone in an outdoor space is indispensable.
Fall 2022: Outdoor Seating Selection

This area is one of the most functional and versatile in decor since it can serve multiple occasions from entertaining to relaxation. In fact, these last two are also two must-haves in an outdoor space during fall.

To fully embrace all the coziness and comfort that fall allow us, and to guarantee both entertaining and relaxation, we need the right outdoor seating. Besides choosing pieces that match your personality and the ambiance, you need to make sure they are made with the best outdoor materials to resist the weather conditions that fall brings.

In this article, Myface will show you the outdoor seating selection for fall 2022. Although different, these suggestions will elevate every outdoor moment to another level of comfort and coziness.

Before knowing our selection, are you really ready to fall? In this e-Book, you can find all the preparation steps from clean and care tips to the decors and colors that will be trending.


Flow Lounge Armchair

The most recent launch of Myface is the Flow Series. A furniture series that will revolutionize the comfort outdoors and give you the feeling of seating in the softest of the clouds.

Flow series was designed to complete any outdoor space under all weather conditions due to its aesthetic yet durable design and materials. The Flow lounge armchair is available in a wide range of colors to match the remaining decor.

Two innovative factors of Flow lounge armchair (as well as all Flow pieces) are the existence of a zipper that allows removing the fabric for washing and the protection cover that completely closes the piece. These actions increase the product's life cycle.

Flow lounge armchair is the outdoor seating piece that a contemporary, yet minimalist, place needs.

outdoor-lounge-armchairFlow lounge armchair


Houdini Sofa

A strong and imposing outdoor seating space needs a Houdini sofa.

Houdini sofa is the sofa. A sofa that fulfills the space without much effort and makes a stand wherever it is. It's a remarkable piece with a unique design. The lights and shadows scattered by the clear acrylic rods blend into the outdoor environment around the pieces.

Since the Houdini sofa is customizable (like all of Myface's pieces), you can have your own design for your fall nook.

Our suggestion for this season is this Houdini with Natté Heather Beige and Natté White as fabrics, with metallic details in copper plated, and a structure in white lacquered stainless steel.

outdoor-sofa-houdini-moodboardHoudini sofa


Nodo Hanging Armchair

Every outdoor space needs a highlight piece and Nodo hanging armchair leads that run. It is a distinctive piece that will change your perception of coziness. Besides having a contemporary design, it is made with an upholstered seat that is beyond comfortable.

The attractive metallic lines add a touch of delicacy to the outdoor space, which is also enhanced by the luxury finishes.

Nodo hanging armchair will lull you into warm fall evenings making the sunset view even more special.

outdoor-hanging-armchairNodo hanging armchair



Our outdoor seating selection has pieces that match either a minimalist decor or a more contemporary one. The best part of them is that it's possible to customize them!

To know the ideal piece for you and your space, talk to us! We will be delighted to show you all of our options for your dream place!