Sustainability and Myface

In Myface, we work for a better tomorrow.
Sustainability and Myface

Sustainability is the topic of every subject nowadays. It's a subject that should be on everybody's minds and be an active element in our daily lives too. Many industries have been changing the way they work and produce to respond to society’s growing awareness and mostly to match Earth's needs.

Myface is always aware of what's happening in the world and in constant research to know how to be better in what we do. That's why we are working on a policy of sustainability regarding our products and our way of working either at the office or in production.

In this article, we will present you with some of Myface's main policies for a better future.


No-waste production

During the production process, it can occur waste of materials and resources. To fight that, Myface only starts the production of specific orders when they are confirmed with the goal of reducing or even eliminating excessive waste.

We also work with local suppliers. This guarantees us the best quality materials for your pieces but also allows us to help other industries that have sustainable policies too.

Since we want to fight waste and we only work with the best outdoor materials, this results in long-lasting pieces.

Myface is in constant research and works to create outdoor furniture that not only resists all weather conditions but also the passing of time. When buying a Myface piece you are making sure that you buy a piece that will follow you through many and many years. Know here how to clean and care for them.

no-waste-productionMyface production


Sustainable fabrics

Part of our sustainable policy are also options for sustainable fabrics from Signature Collection. If it's your desire, your favorite piece can be made with these options and you will have an eco-friendly-stylish design.

Our sustainable fabrics are Heritage Dijon and Heritage Leaf. They are both from Sunbrella, one of the most renowned brands of outdoor materials which guarantees quality material, besides being long-lasting. This also means that when using this kind of outdoor fabric, you don't have the need to replace it for long years. Their composition includes 50% of recycled Sunbrella acrylic and is water and stain-resistant, and fire-retardant among other features.

sustainable-fabricsSustainable fabrics


Office living

Not only in production we work for a zero-waste living, but we also have it in our office. Myface offers to every employee a coffee mug so, in that way, it was possible to eliminate plastic coffee cups and spoons.

The company also encourages recycling by putting recycle bins at strategic points of the building. Our offices are equipped with large windows that allow the entrance of lots of natural light during the day, which makes us save energy.

During all business processes, we avoid using paper, and we prefer to use the digital way whenever possible.

Imagem Post 2_2Myface coffee mug



We are an outdoor company and so, living in a happy and healthy ambiance is always on our mind. The planet is our home and we must treat it like that. Myface still has a long way ahead, but the future is promising and we are committed to helping the planet.

If you wish to know more about our policy of sustainability, talk to us!