How To Clean and Care for Outdoor Marble

Marble is a natural material that adds luxury, charm, and elegance to any outdoor space.
How To Clean and Care for Outdoor Marble

Gathering outdoors is always a great idea, whether is to drink cocktails with friends or to dine with your family. Doesn’t matter how careful you might be, spills are going to happen and it's normal.

For that, and other reasons, your outdoor furniture needs to be cleaned frequently. In this article, Myface will tell you about the general guidelines on how to clean and care for outdoor marble. Although, you need to have in mind that every material has its own specifications, so make sure you check the manufacturer's manual before performing any type of cleaning and maintenance.

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Outdoor Marble

Marble is a 100% natural material that fits everywhere, from swimming pools to outdoor kitchens, rooftops, terraces, and much more. This kind of material can be used in every type of furniture, in every corner. There are no limits to imagination and creation. Being such a precious material, it also requires cleaning and maintenance in order to preserve it and maintain it always brand new.


How to clean it:

-Blot with a paper towel everything that slips on the marble immediately. Don't wipe because it can spread spills. If it's a hard stain you can flush the area with a mix of water and dishwashing soap. Be careful doing this for not to scratch your marble;

-For regular cleaning, use a soft cloth.

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Keep it safe:

-Don't use, under any circumstance, abrasive scrubbers or products that contain acids like lemon, vinegar, or others, as they can permanently damage the outdoor marble;

-Avoid using regular cleaning products that contain acetone, ammonia, chlorine or solvents, abrasive
products, and furniture polish, as these can easily cause discoloration on the surface;

-Use coasters under glasses or bottles;

-Never use a mixture of ammonia and bleach to remove stains. The resulting gas is toxic and might be lethal.

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Marble is indeed precious and will add a unique touch to the decor. Remember that real marble can show different shades of color; this is not a defect. It is the perfect particularity of it.

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