Saccu Collection for Coziness Outdoors

Coziness outdoors is one of the most important requirements in an outdoor space and Saccu Collection promises that and much more.
Saccu Collection for Coziness Outdoors

We must feel the same amount of coziness outdoors as we feel indoors. For that, we need the right outdoor furniture that is made not only with the best outdoor materials but also takes into account the customer experience. Myface takes these into very account to allow you the best outdoor moments you can imagine for.

On that note, we want to talk with you about our Saccu pieces- a collection that will put you closer to the cloud's comfort.


Saccu Collection 

"Peaceful, serene, and relaxing moments in the clouds" is what Myface promises you with Saccu Collection. A collection that intends to shorten the distance that separates the outdoor space from the comfort that clouds transmit to us. Myface is only able to do this because our happiness seekers are in constant search for what's better for you and your spaces. This is also allied with the use of the best outdoor materials that come from the best suppliers in the market.

All of this research and work resulted in Saccu Collection which will elevate the coziness outdoors to another level.


Saccu sofa and Saccu armchair

An outdoor lounge space needs the right comfort and Saccu sofa and Saccu armchair exist to provide you that. The minimalist but distinctive design will transmit the sensation of lying in the softest of clouds due to its combination with high-quality outdoor materials.

Saccu sofa and Saccu armchair are possible to customize so, in the way, you can have your own dreamy cozy pieces like nobody else.

Banner-Post-2Project with Saccu sofa and Saccu armchair by Arqtresd Studio, Marlo Lauret Junior and Essential Home


Saccu dining chair

Coziness outdoors is also a very important factor to consider during outdoor dining. In fact, part of what your guests will remember about your outdoor dining is the amount of comfort present.

One thing we know for sure, with Saccu dining chair the coziness outdoors during your dining will never miss. Made with the best outdoor upholstery, outdoor leather, and outdoor materials this chair is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Besides, you can customize it according to your preferences.

MOODBOARD1Saccu dining chair



Saccu is indeed the collection that every cozy outdoor space aims for. Its details make the pieces even more sophisticated and ideal for any kind of project.

Do you want to know more about Saccu collection and how to include it in your project? Talk with us!