Indoor Gardens- Let The Nature Inside

During this year, the concept of biophilic design was one of the most used trends.
Indoor Gardens- Let The Nature Inside

The urge to frame nature in interior spaces is bigger than ever because, in this way, people feel more connected to it. The arrival of fresher seasons like Autumn and Winter can't be an excuse to stop investing in gardens. In fact, indoor gardens are one of the best solutions to continue including nature in your life.

In this article, Myface will show you incredible indoor gardens that join both nature and luxury. If you desire to see more projects about indoor gardens, visit our e-book here.



“Spring Feast” Restaurant

The Ippolito Fleitz Group is the team responsible for this restaurant design that mirrors the natural waterscape through an experiential space. "Spring Feast" gives special and unique experiences while getting inspiration in moments that are well worth celebrating.

The building, on the exterior, has an organically curved form that looks like a continuation of the landscape. These curves and shapes were taken into the interior where the team created cavernous niches that look like mountains, the source of the spring water.

The restaurant joins culture and nature through cultural food and the natural environment that fulfills the space. A vibrant, verdant green takes over the restaurant design.

1.2Photo credits to Ippolito Fleitz Group

1.1Photo credits to Ippolito Fleitz Group



Guerrilla Games Office

Makers of Sustainable Spaces (MOSS) designed the Guerrilla offices with a natural and biophilic design perspective.

Guerrilla is a game developer company based in Amsterdam and their new office features amazing spaces, in an open-space style. It's now a dynamic and spacious place full of green, where everyone can feel closer to nature.

MOSS, for this project, focused on four key values: growth, ergonomics, comfort, and connection. The team, with the indoor gardens, intended to create a futuristic ambiance and break any boundaries between the animated and natural world.

2.2Photo credits to Stijn Poelstra

2.1Photo credits to Stijn Poelstra



Water House

The following project of indoor gardens is a residential project built in Colima by Di Frenna Arquitectos.

The architects saw the tropical-humid climate as a design opportunity to open the residence to the exterior and enjoy all of its perks. Water House or Casa del Agua, gets its name because the owners wanted it to be surrounded by aquatic and vegetative elements from everywhere.

On the lower level of the residence, the space has an open floor plan that enhances the richness of vegetation and natural light, creating a true paradise inside the home.

3.2Photo credits to Oscar Hernandez

3.1Photo credits to Oscar Hernandez



Indoor gardens are an oasis that makes us more connected to nature and all of its perks.

Myface has the best outdoor furniture to make indoor gardens even more luxurious and sophisticated. To know more, talk to us!