Meet Myface's New Allure Swings

Meet Myface's New Allure Swings

Recently we have been witnessing a huge growth in the outdoor furniture sector. New brands with differentiating and more qualified designs are starting to move more and more towards the outdoor areas, so it’s getting even more challenging to bring to life pieces that stand out.

Having this in mind, we have designed the Allure swings, an outdoor furniture piece that will bring charm and elegance to the outdoor spaces.

Allure Swings


One of the outstanding elements of our products is the fact of being designed with materials that are usually associated to the indoor areas, without compromising their quality and durability. And the Allure swings are all about that, a perfect combination of outdoor leathers with premium metals and high-quality fabrics.

The Allure is a distinctive one or two seat swing sofa and it was designed to fit outdoor modern urban areas with the same grandeur and excellence as you would find indoors.

Allure has been designed with special attention to detail. Its leather straps are adjusted with elegant plated stainless-steel buckles. The structure was developed with tubes, also in lacquered stainless steel, which are joined through outdoor plated details.

Like every other piece on the collection, all of the swing’s components are customizable, which allows to place them in different kinds of projects. Find here all materials and finishes available to customize it!

Get to know the Allure swings and fill your outdoor spaces with charm and elegance.