Spa Designs for a Relaxed Body, Mind, and Soul

A spa is not only a place where we can take care of our mental and physical health. It also boosts our senses, while surrounded by luxury, art, and, most of all, comfort.
Spa Designs for a Relaxed Body, Mind, and Soul

Everyone needs to include spa time in their daily life. The "me-time" will give you room to relax, rejuvenate, and, mostly, reward yourself. For that to happen, the spa needs to have a great design that makes us feel relaxed but simultaneously in a totally different world.

Myface reunited the best spa projects that will amaze you with the different designs. To know all the spa designs selection of this year, visit our free e-book here.


Strøm Spa Nordique Vieux-Québec by LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design

Québec City is the home of the Strøm Spa Nordique. This project was inspired by the majesty and quiet strength of the St. Lawrence River.

The building is in a fractioned place that descends in the river’s direction, making it look like the former place. The fact of perpendicular division to the river allows for the existence of different thermal zones that offers different sensory experiences.

The spa project has the main goal to maximize the views of the waterfront panorama. This is possible through the existence of recesses and protrusions that creates frames of the views.

Strøm-Spa-Nordique-Vieux-Québec--(2)Photo credits to LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design and Adrien Williams

Strøm-Spa-Nordique-Vieux-Québec--(4)Photo credits to LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design and Adrien Williams


The Dolder Grand Spa by Jacques Gros and Norman Foster

The mountains of Zurich, Switzerland where The Dolder Grand Spa lies promise everyone good and relaxing times.

It was originally built in 1899 by Jacques Gros in a romantic style and many years later renovated by Norman Foster. The luxury-class resort and spa have a strong connection between its architecture and design and the surrounding forest.

In some areas of the spa, there are holes in walls to allow the entrance of sunlight. In this way, it's possible to have an interesting dynamic play of light and shadow.

The-Dolder-Grand-Spa--(2)Photo credits to The Dolder Grand Spa

The-Dolder-Grand-Spa--(5)Photo credits to The Dolder Grand Spa


Al Faya Desert Retreat and Spa by ANARCHITECT

Al Faya Desert Retreat and Spa is located in Mont Alvaah in the Sharjah Emirate. The boutique hotel, restaurant, and spa are nestled in a prehistoric desert landscape.

The architectural and design team redesigned the two single-story, stone-built structures that dated from the 1960s, with a modern approach to architecture. Interior interventions contrast with the original design and there were added layers to extend spaces.

The spa area includes an open-air saltwater pool and three salt spa treatments and experiences: heat, water, and salt inhalation.

Al-Faya-Desert-Retreat--(3)Photo credits to ANARCHITECT

Al-Faya-Desert-Retreat--(2)Photo credits to ANARCHITECT



These projects, although different, are the perfect balance between coziness and sophistication. These are two of the most important things to consider in a spa design.

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