Ships and returns


We are able to provide a shipping quote if required by the customer.

If the delivery logistic service is provided by us, the shipping costs will be calculated depending on the packing size, weight and delivery location.

Shipping quotes are valid for 6 weeks from the date of issue of the quote. MYFACE reserves the right to update the shipping quote after this period. All shipping arranged by MYFACE is subject to insurance. Shipping fees will be charged separately from the product(s) value, upon request of shipping services. You must require these costs before the beginning of the purchase.

Standard shipping quotation includes door-to-door, drop off service only. If a different service or urgent delivery is required, the customer must clearly request it when placing the order and will be charged accordingly. The assembly of pieces or other services is not included in this service.

The delivery also can be handled by the customer, in these cases, all the details regarding the transport must be provided to our sales assistant.



Merchandise is manufactured upon the receipt of the order and deposit. Cancellations will not be accepted after 5 working days from the order issue date. A 50% restocking fee for standard orders will be applied to any cancellations received after the order issue date.

To proceed with any change in your order, you have 5 working days after the purchase confirmation to contact our customer service team. Due to the nature of customized orders, we will not be able to accept changes or order cancelations.


For every custom order, the customer should always ask for advice from our customer care team to confirm the viability of materials finishes, dimensions, and prices. MYFACE is not responsible for customer’s choices that in the end do not work well.

In case of need, to modify a requested item, its finish or quantity, or any other error, in the order, you have 5 working days after the purchase confirmation to contact our customer service.

Due to the nature of your customized order, and the fact that they have been specially created for you, the lead time may be affected.

Any questions regarding our fabrics and finishes should be clarified prior to the purchase of the piece.


All products are carefully packed and inspected prior to shipment. According to the existing conventions (CMR (1956), Warsaw (1929) / Montreal (1999), Brussels (1924), CIM (1970), the receiver on receipt of the goods shall verify their conditions with the carrier and keep the package.

POD must be signed with reservations. In case of apparent damage, the customer must open the goods in front of the carrier and mention the damages on POD. The customer should keep the products in the final destination and save the packages. In case of no apparent damage, the customer must mention on POD - “received the goods but will be checked the state”. In this case, the customer has a maximum of 7 days, after delivery, excluding Sundays and holidays, to claim.

MYFACE is not responsible for damage caused by handling, loading, or unloading by people acting on behalf of the customer. Whenever the Incoterms of the order are EXW, MYFACE is not responsible for loss or damage in transit. Should visible or concealed damage occur in transit, immediately notify the delivering carrier with initial notification of intent to file a claim.

Any damage should be communicated to MYFACE during the first 48 hours after receiving the order; photographic and video evidence of the damages should be sent via email to [email protected]. Failure to report concealed damage within 48 hours of reception may result in the denial of the claim. Proving that any damage in the piece(s) caused by the transport requires replacement, MYFACE compromises to exchange the damaged part or complete piece(s) within a period agreed with the customer.

It is MANDATORY that MYFACE collects the damaged part or complete piece(s) to replace it with a new one(s). All products must return in their original packaging (box, protections and others) it should be accompanied by the purchase invoice. If the customer chooses to transport the product(s) by his own methods or means, MYFACE will be free of any charges or responsibility for events that might occur during transportation, and the customer is responsible for handling all the logistics in the carrier or collector and for the replacement of the damaged part(s) or complete pieces(s).