Interior Design Software Programs for 2023

Technology has been supporting many sectors in their production processes, including interior design.
Interior Design Software Programs for 2023

The use of interior design software programs is now more common. They have features that not only facilitate the design processes but also help to make a greater project by making suggestions based on your preferences, for example. These design software are equipped with AI tools that are revolutionizing the way designers work at all levels from creation to communication.

In this article, Myface reunited 5 interior design software programs that every professional needs for 2023.



Homestyler is an interior design software that allows the creation of renderings in 3D. The program comes with many features that help design professionals with their work. They can set up the render with furniture and decor elements that have in the library of products. It's even possible to upload photos of the space you want to design in order to have a full visualization of how the room will be.

Besides these features, Homestyler also has many tools that make the work easier like color-matching and material selection. Once you have your render ready, you can share it with other Homestyler users to have feedback or even to share ideas.

It is possible to try Homestyler for free. Although, professional packs can go from $4.9/month to $19.6/month.


Autodesk AutoCAD LT

Every interior designer knows about AutoCAD LT and how great it is for their daily work projects due to its many useful tools. It is a design software used by all the professionals in the area from engineers to architects.

Using the technology of 2D geometry, the program will help to design, draft, and document with maximum precision, space drawings. One of the greatest things about this design program is that you can work on your online projects from almost any computer due to its AutoCAD web application. It is also possible, through the mobile app, to make notes and create drawings, even if you are offline.

The most recent version of the software has a cloud service that will facilitate sharing and saving your projects.

You can have a free trial of AutoCAD LT. Other options include $1,310 every 3 years, $460 annually, or $60 monthly.


Foyr Neo

Designing every space everywhere from offices to an outdoor lounge is possible with Foyr Neo. The design software allows to design and to create floor plans with a true-to-scale.

Foyr Neo can also create realistic 4K renders and 3D sketches within minutes that will help you to create a unique and amazing space. The subscription to this software has access to a catalog of more than 50,000 pre-3D modeled products. This software is simple and user-friendly.

For 14 days you can see and try Foyr Neo. After that, they offer 3 packages: Basic for $44/mon; Standard for $55/mon; or even Premium for $99/mon.


Studio Designer

For more than 30 years, Studio Designer has been in the interior design industry to help professionals deliver amazing projects.

The program integrates an all-in-one project management system. Besides, Studio Designer reunites all the products from your favorite vendors so you can easily propose, order, and invoice the project items for your client. It also allows you to share documents with your clients and vendors.

The software offers monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly plans can go to $64 and the annual to $725 for professionals.


Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit is the design software that will make the perfect transition between sketches to construction. It all starts with your drawing and after you finish it, the program will transform it into BIM (Building Information Modeling). This is an excellent feature because allows your team to be fully aware of what's the project and how it's going to look. In fact, Autodesk Revit connects the different teams through a cloud so they can work together with minimum effort.

The design software offers 3D visualizations to see the project before it's built. 

The subscription to this software can be of $7,625 for 3 years, $2,675 annually, or $335 monthly.



New technologies appear every day and make a stand in every sector. Interior designers are using design software to help them create unique and amazing projects, but not only. These design softwares can also be a great help to help communication between teams and to streamline processes.