Luxury Dining Area Projects in Spain

A luxury dining area needs to be inviting and have an eye-catching design.
Luxury Dining Area Projects in Spain

In this article, we will show you the best luxury dining area projects in Spain. The projects, despite having different designs, have in common two factors: sophistication and comfort. These two adjectives are essential to create a dining area that stays in everybody's mind.


Time San Agustin by Studio AMA

This Italian restaurant project by Studio AMA is full of sophisticated corners and details. The project includes a lounge area, a circular palm tree bar, a restaurant area, and a terrace. The inspiration for the colors, lines, and architecture drifts from the dishes and the color scheme they usually have.

The fabric patterns on the furniture are well married to the black aluminum structures, creating a unique and luxurious contrast. To add a little more sense of Italian aesthetics and culture, the tables are divided with planters and custom-made vino bottle dividers.

The luxury dining area is essentially characterized by gold details in the curved furniture, velvet and leather chairs, and colorful chandeliers.

1Credits to Studio AMA

2Credits to Studio AMA



Benamara by Ambience by Andrea Böck

Dark is the symbol of luxury decor and this property by Ambience by Andrea Böck has all of that and much more. In this project, there are details of natural stone mixed with bold color fabrics and brass.

The interior lounge area and the fireplace are harmoniously integrated with the architecture of the house. The huge panoramic windows, the moody color palette, and the dark bespoke furniture lead to this luxurious space. The beauty is in the details and, in this project, the more you look into it, the more amazing you find it.

There are many decorative elements that make the luxury dining area unique. The dark wood present on the dining table adds the elegance that this space aims for. The contemporary chandelier gives more than light- it gives the sense of a magical atmosphere due to its curves.

Design sem nome (1)Credits to Ambience by Andrea Böck

jjj (2)Credits to Ambience by Andrea Böck



Sunrise, Soul Marbella by Manuel Burgos

The Sunrise housing development is part of the Soul Marbella complex by AEDAS Homes and designed by Manuel Burgos Arquitectos. It's located in Marbella and offers a unique opportunity of living in a luxury, while surrounded by an exclusive green ambiance.

All the housing complex is strategically mixed with the surrounding nature like architectural sculptures. This is a project that attends to all the needs of its inhabitants through modern spaces, full of light and luxurious details.

With an amazing, green, and peaceful view, the luxury dining area is the space where the family will gather. The welcoming area has a wooden table with details in the structure to enhance sophistication. The chairs with a gold structure combine the best of design- modernity, and comfort.

opop (1)Credits to Manuel Burgos Arquitectos

opop (2)Credits to Manuel Burgos Arquitectos




A luxury dining area is needed if you look for happy and unforgettable moments with your family and friends, either indoors or outdoors.

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