Meet Myface’s brand new outdoor kitchen - Senses

Meet Myface’s brand new outdoor kitchen - Senses

We know that days spent outdoors are the ones that bring us greater joy, health and, of course, fun. Confident in our mission, we decided to take another step towards our main goal – shortening the distance felt between the indoor and the outdoor areas. We launched our first outdoor kitchen.

We believe that all the sensations that the interior of our home brings us can be intensified outside. It was with this premise that we developed the Senses outdoor kitchen. A piece that allows you to create a space where everyone can enjoy the best things in life: the flavor of our favorite dish, the euphoria of family and friends together and the happiness of sharing all of this with those who are special to us.

Senses Kitchen

The kitchen keeps a simple design, leaving room for the finishes to stand out. The metallic structure, which can be customized with our sophisticated platings or, in a simpler way, with our outdoor lacquers. We would also like to stand out in this piece, the presence of the imposing natural marble stones, available in 6 different colors. All materials and finishes used have been tested in our laboratories and real spaces, thus guaranteeing performance at the highest level.

The kitchen is available with and without the extension, and the light tower is also optional. These customization options give this piece the versatility needed for different projects, able to be inserted in larger and smaller spaces.

The Senses kitchen is a piece with an impressive design, imposing size and designed to bring all sensations to the fore.