Build a Perfect Poolside Area with Myface

Build a Perfect Poolside Area with Myface

Everybody knows summer’s not complete without swimming and lounging by the pool on a hot sunny day. This is why Myface is dedicated to providing you with the best furniture pieces so you can fully enjoy your holiday in comfort and style. Whether it’s in your house or a resort hotel, these Myface luxury outdoor furniture pieces are an essential when you’re looking to build your perfect poolside area. 


Pearl Sofa

The iconic Pearl sofa was designed with all your needs in mind, so it’s the perfect addition to any poolside area. The seat base is made of powder coated fiberglass and has a drainage system, and the bottom of the cushion is made out of breathable mesh. The weather-resistant pillows and removable outdoor fabrics guarantee its long life cycle, making this a great investment for your space.



Ribbon Sunbed

Our Ribbon sunbed is a classic outdoor poolside area staple that will never go out of style. It is a modern piece that excels not only for its minimalistic soft lines but also its functionality. This sunbed has removable and washable fabrics and a breathable mesh on the bottom of the seat cushion, to guarantee practical and easy maintenance. The back of the sunbed has an adjustable height system, perfect to relax in the sun, whether you enjoy sunbathing or prefer reading your favourite book by the pool.



Fable Swing

Our Fable swing is a bestseller for a reason. It can be enjoyed by the whole family and it's designed to last. It’s suspended by synthetic leather straps and the metallic structure made of powder coated stainless steel can support heavy weights without damaging. The bottom seat cushion is a breathable mesh that enhances its longevity. This way, the Fable swing is a perfect poolside addition that you can enjoy to lounge during the day, or with a refreshing drink on a hot summer night.



Trace Dining Set

A perfect day by the pool is not complete without a delicious meal. So, to finish your day in the best way possible, gather around our Trace dining set, with your family and friends. This set offers you discreet, delicate and modern lines that will blend in perfectly in your poolside area. The powdered stainless steel structure and marble top of the Trace dining table and the washable and breathable cushions of the Trace dining chair will guarantee the best outdoors experience.



Versa UX Architecture Umbrella

Enjoy your time in the shade under the Versa UX Architecture Umbrella. Made of aluminum, fiberglass, polished stainless steel and high-quality acrylic fabric, this outdoor umbrella is made to last and shield you even on the hottest summer days. The sleek minimalist lines give a modern look to your space full of personality and elegance. 

Spectra UX cantilever umbrella - Architecture HR


Which one of these Myface pieces would you choose to build your perfect poolside area? Regardless of what your favourite product is, wherever you find Myface, you will be guaranteed the best quality and a wonderful experience, everytime.