Myface Cooking Area

Myface Cooking Area

Summer is coming on soon and with that come longer days and warmer nights, and everybody knows that the best way to enjoy these changes in the weather is by having a lovely homemade meal on the outdoors. With this in mind, we want to help you create the loveliest Myface cooking area, fully prepared with everything you need for a delicious outdoor summer meal.


Senses Kitchen

First things first, a kitchen will forever be an essential piece as it is the heart of any home. It is where everyone in the family gathers around to cook, to eat, to drink and even laugh and share stories. With Myface’s new Senses Outdoor Kitchen, this magical ambience can be transported to your outdoor area so you can enjoy these unforgettable moments alongside nature. This kitchen can be fully customized to your preference and is available in endless different combinations of metallics finishes and marbles.



Nero Dining Chairs + Noa Dining Table


For those who are fans of darker colors, the Noa Dining Table and the Nero Dining Chairs are the perfect combination for this black and copper Senses Kitchen. This Noa Dining Table truly conveys elegance and style with this black lacquered aluminum top and sleek structure with copper legs that go perfectly with the colors of this Senses Kitchen.

To complete your dining set, these Nero Dining Chairs are a match made in heaven. The Nero Dining Chairs are made of very resistant and durable acrylic fabric and outdoor leather. The structure is lacquered stainless steel and the metallic details are made of copper-plated stainless steel. We suggest these two color variations: the black and brown upholstery with copper details or the all black and copper version (or a combination of both) for your space, if you are looking for a sophisticated modern look.



Senses Kitchen + Nero Round Dining Table + Saccu Dining Chairs

Another lovely suggestion for this copper and white marble countertop Senses kitchen is to create a dining area in similar tones and colors. The white top of the Nero Round Dining Table blends in flawlessly with the material of the kitchen countertops, creating a seamless and put-together design. What’s more, the white structure of the Saccu Chairs goes along very well with the table legs. The upholstery of the chairs in this beige color also brings together the copper details of the kitchen, but the green ribbing adds a beautiful contrasting color. By adding a little pop of color, we guarantee that the space is not too monochromatic and this brings an interesting element to the space.


SCK_Render_4.2(s)_ white and copper

Nevertheless, all of these products are customizable and available in different colors, materials and finishes, so every costumer can bring a little bit of their own design and personality to their projects. With this in mind, there is a multitude of ways in which you can build your perfect outdoor cooking area with Myface.