Timeless Mountain House – How to turn a space seasonless

Timeless Mountain House – How to turn a space seasonless

Outdoor spaces shouldn’t be used only during the longer and warmer days. They can and should be used all year long and it is with that commitment that we develop our products – furniture pieces that encompass everything our customers deserve but, above all, that belong not just to one but to all seasons!

The project that we’ll be showcasing in this article, is the real proof that outdoor spaces, when with the right furniture and decor, can be seasonless.


A private residence with a modern architecture, nestled in the mountains, where serenity reigns from dawn until dusk.

The back of the house features an irregularly shaped swimming pool, where different leisure spaces were created. On the right side, a space for sunbeds was created, the Flow were the selected ones, in a darker color in order to better fit with the surrounding nature. 

On the opposite side, we find armchairs from the same collection, with colors that also bring out the tones of the mountains, and also the standout piece of the space – the sphere fire pit.

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By the windows, on the lower floor, we’re able to find two distinct zones with furniture pieces that complement themselves due to their similar color palette, creating the perfect harmony between the lounge and dining areas.


A lounge area with soothing and neutral color palette

This space was idealized to be enjoyed calmly, overlooking the magnitude of the snow-covered mountains and listening to the privileged sound of nature’s immensity.

The lounge area was designed with the new version of the Mo modular sofa, in beige tones and with details in Gemini Brown, a leather developed for high performance outdoors. To complete the set, were chosen the Saccu armchairs and a Noa coffee table, two furniture pieces with a simple design, which allowed the Rols sustainable rug (also designed for excellent outdoor performance) to stand out.


Comfortable and welcoming dining space

Is there any better experience than enjoying a good meal with a table surrounded by people who are so dear to us while overlooking the mountains? This project allows that experience every single day.

Located in a covered space, this area has a large dining table with seating for 10 people. The chosen chairs have an elegant design with outdoor fabrics and leather in the same color as the furniture chosen for the rest of the project. In addition to materials designed for the outdoors, these chairs contain high comfort upholstery, enhancing the experience of an unforgettable meal to the maximum.


Swinging between Winter and Summer

Besides all the areas that this beautiful mountain house offers, perfect to be enjoyed during every season, we can also find two more standout pieces from out collection – the Allure and Fable swings. 


Allure Swing 

A swing with a unique design that stands out for its combination of excellent materials, stainless steel buckles with galvanic baths, exterior leather and premium fabrics. All in one piece of furniture that promises comfort and a true design experience.

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Fable Hanging 

The Fable hanging sofa can be found next to the dining area where it fits perfectly, with a privileged view, allowing for long afternoons of rest admiring the beautiful mountain landscape.