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Tips for cleaning and maintenance

Keep your acrylic pieces shine and new.
UV and Fade Resistant

UV and Fade Resistant

mold and mildew resistant

Mold and Mildew Resistant

For maintenance of your Myface products we suggest

Clean it right
  • 1.Choose a microfiber cloth but first, check if it is clean because small particles can scratch the acrylic.
  • 2. Be careful with sharp and abrasive items. Acrylic can be easily scratched. If you want to place a metal or some other hard-edged object on the acrylic, put adhering felt pads to the underside of the piece to prevent scraping against the surface.
Keep it safe

It is important to use a cleaning product made for acrylics because most of the household cleaners (especially the ones that have ammonia) will break down the material and make it look lusterless.

Cover up the piece when you are not using them to be as good as new, all the time.




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