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Tips for cleaning and maintenance

Lacquer guarantees a more beautiful and durable furniture. That finish protects from the sunlight (UV stable) and from the little scratches (invisible to the naked eye). Lacquer provides the essence of the material.
mold and mildew resistant

Mold and Mildew Resistant

UV and Fade Resistant

UV and Fade Resistant

Stain Resistant

Water and Stain Resistant

For maintenance of your Myface products we suggest

Clean it right
  • 1.Wipe off, immediately, any liquids spilt. They can be absorved into the tiny cracks in the varnish and can create blotches.
  • 2.Use a soft cloth, warm water with a few drops of all-purpose cleaning agent. Avoid using too much water, and it is recommended to use a damp cloth.
  • 3.Don’t use any kind of strong detergents, corrosive chemicals or scrubbing sponges as these can damage the piece permanently.
  • 4.Remember always finish off by wipping the surface with a dry cloth.
Keep it safe

Lacquered surfaces are sensitive to humidity, moisture and alcohol;

It is highly recommended to not expose the piece to direct heat sources and do not set red-hot objects;

Outdoor furniture covers keep dirt and damp away from things that stand outside. We suggest use it on rainy days.




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