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Tips for cleaning and maintenance

MYFACE’s Marble guarantees you the best quality and long lasting furniture design.
UV and Fade Resistant

UV and Fade Resistant

mold and mildew resistant

Mold and Mildew Resistant

To maintain your Myface products we suggest

Clean it right
  • 1. Wipe anything that slips on marble immediately. It is recommended to use microfiber cloths with warm water. You can also use this to do the regular wiping. Be careful doing this, to not scratch your marble.
  • 2. To clean greasy spills, soak up with a plain paper towel. Then, cover the stain with a thin layer of corn flour or talcum powder to draw out. You will get results in a few hours.
Keep it safe

Avoid using regular cleaning products as these can easily cause discoloration on the surface;

Use coasters under glasses or bottles and always use a chopping board during food preparation;

Never use a mixture of ammonia and bleach for removing stains. The resulting gas is toxic and lethal;

Consider covering your outdoor furniture when it is not being used for long periods. Always use our covers to avoid the existence of mold.

Remember that real marble can show different shades of color, and this is not a defect. It is the perfect particularity of it.




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